Post-Workout Stretches

//Post-Workout Stretches

Post-Workout Stretches

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Do you skip your post-workout stretches after a decent workout? Do you feel like bailing out the extra 5 minutes you’re supposed to spend on a post-workout stretch? If that is the case, we can understand the reason.

You feel like you’ve put all the energy and time into your workout, so you finished your workout for the day and call it a day. You probably do so because you might not be aware of the benefits of post-workout stretches.

Relax! Let us assist you.

Stretching your body after a workout can help:

  • Improve muscle mobility
  • Increase blood flow
  • Boost oxygen levels
  • Deliver nutrients to your body and your muscles
  • Remove metabolic waste to help with the recovery process.

Keep in mind that while stretching, focus on your dynamic moves and include ones that involve movements, such as an inchworm. They help cool you down after a heavy workout since they work on multiple joints and muscles at the same time.

Static stretching reaps its benefits too. It can increase your range of motion. Since your muscles are already warm from your workout, it’ll feel easier to get that good stretch.


Post-workout stretches bring in blood flow to the muscles that you just worked on, to aid recovery and ward off stiffness. You should try and choose different post-workout stretches according to a different routine that you are working on.

Making just one routine and following the same after different kinds of workout won’t harm you but it will also not provide you with optimum benefits.


Your post-workout session should last roughly the time of your warm-up. Ideally, you should add in extra 5-10 minutes to cool down your body after a workout. If you are extra tired and lazy, stretch for less than 5 minutes, but don’t let go of it, entirely. Something is better than nothing.

Doing each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds should be good enough to calm that particular area of the body and help you in moving on to the next one.

Always remember, post-workout stretches are equally important, and if you don’t wish to wake up with sore arms and legs, the next morning, go for it!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best post-workout stretches.

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