Exhale Your Tummy Off

//Exhale Your Tummy Off

Exhale Your Tummy Off

Abdominal Crunches

Exhale your tummy off-Everyone does crunches when they are trying to lose belly fat. In fact, crunches are the most common and favourite, and one might even say effective forms of losing that stubborn fat that gathers around our middle and just refuses to go away. It hugs the body like a dear one and just doesn’t let go. Now go ahead and do those crunches. Keep the posture right. We have even given you tips in the past about keeping your tongue in contact with the top of your mouth to keep your alignment while doing abdominal crunches. Here is another tip to make crunches more effective- when you are at the top of the movement, exhale really hard. This will make your abs work harder and help reduce belly fat faster.

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