Maximize Your Afterburn

//Maximize Your Afterburn

Maximize Your Afterburn


If you work out daily or even do simple exercises, its benefits are not just limited to that period when you’re working out, but they keep on coming in the form of afterburn. Now you ask what an afterburn is. Let me explain: It is the reward that you get after continuously working out and burning your calories. They refer to the amount of oxygen your body consumes above resting level after your workout.

Doing exercises can target and trigger various responses in your body, beginning with metabolism. It may go up and as you strain your body and might even stay up if your workout is intense. That is how we know that the more afterburn you can generate, the more calories you burn and the more weight you lose.


Why do we work out? To burn calories and lose weight. Therefore, it’s important to burn as many calories as possible to get your goal body. However, experts believe that afterburn may be the key to fighting obesity.

It produces about 6-15% of your total energy outflow of exercise. Moreover, an afterburn of 80 to100 calories per workout can cut down 7 to 8 kgs of fat which is like losing more weight without having to work for it.


But how will you generate that afterburn? When it comes to cardio, there are various factors that regulate your afterburn, such as:

  • The duration and intensity of your exercise
  • The structure of your workout
  • Your level of fitness
  • Strength training


Let us check out some appropriate workouts that will help you in gaining adequate afterburn. These workouts also include some form of HIIT – an advanced form of exercise. However, if you’ve never experienced a HIIT workout, you could begin with some moderate level regime and slowly work your way to higher levels of intensity.

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