Perfect workouts to acquire that afterburn

//Perfect workouts to acquire that afterburn

Perfect workouts to acquire that afterburn

afterburn workout


Let us check out some appropriate workouts that will help you in gaining adequate afterburn.


For this kind of workout, you should start at a moderate intensity and gradually increase it to a hard level. Once, you have done that shift to the ‘very hard’ level by using speed or incline, repeating that through three different intervals. Keep a record of your distinguished effort and modify the settings for each section as needed to match the RPE. In short, you don’t have to keep on the same speed or incline for the full workout.


Tabata training comes under the category of HIIT and can get your heart pumping which can further result in an amazing afterburn. The aim is to work as much as you can for about 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. You repeat that 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

Follow the given routine to do proper Tabata training:

  • Warm-up – Do your regular warm-up exercises to prepare your body. (4 minutes)
  • Burpees and mountain climbers – Alternate between the two and repeat 4 times for 4 minutes each. Take a rest and switch to the next one.
  • High Knee Jogs and Jumping Jacks – Alternate between the two and repeat 4 times for 4 minutes each. Take a rest for 60 seconds and move on to the next.
  • Squats and Plyo-Lunges – Alternate between the two and repeat 4 times for 4 minutes each. Rest for 60 seconds and switch.
  • Ski Hops and Speed Skaters – Alternate between the two and repeat 4 times for 4 minutes each.
  • Cooldown – Now, take 5 minutes to cool your body down and end the workout with a good stretch.


Mix your exercises. It’s not necessary to just keep on doing one single kind of workout. You can mix and match and work out your way. This mixed interval training includes high-intensity intervals, alternating speed, and hill or resistance work as well as longer aerobic intervals. But remember to keep making adjustments throughout the intervals to stay within the suggested body exertion. You can do a mixed-level training workout on any cardio machine or even outside if you’re walking, running, or cycling.


Include some High-Intensity Interval Training in your outdoor exercises to collect afterburn efficiently throughout your walk or run. Do some sprints or hill climbs, depending on what kind of terrain you’re in, and try some plyometric moves that will work every muscle in your body and send your heart rate soaring.

Trust me, it will freshen your body up and will serve those after burns in a platter to you.

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