Bakasana – (Crane Pose)

//Bakasana – (Crane Pose)

Bakasana – (Crane Pose)

Bakasana – (Crane Pose)

This position heavily relies upon your upper body strength and your balancing capabilities. It is a tough but effective yoga pose for many issues.

How to do the Bakasana properly:

  1. Slowly bend down on the floor and place your hands on the floor and place your fingers apart.
  2. Now walk your toes towards your arms and stand on your toes. Now place your knees on your triceps.
  3. Now try raising your hips upward and forward. Lift one of your legs and then the other slowly with control.
  4. Hold the position for 40-50 seconds and then exhale as you bring your toes on the ground.

The benefits that a proper Bakasana provides us with:

  • It tends to strengthen the arms and shoulders.
  • It builds your triceps and biceps.
  • It helps in improving the balance of your body.
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